WSSP Duplicate Bill Online

For the Duplicate bill of WSSP online. That provides you to download the WSSP bill online. You can check the latest Water and Sanitation Service Peshawar for free of cost. Now provide you an opportunity for all the WASA customers to check their bills online quickly. Also, you can download their bills and generate a duplicate copy of your bill.

WSSP Stands for the Water Sanitation Services Peshawar. The primary business provides you with a universal approach to potable water, sanitation facilities, and a sustainable environment according to international service standards.

The WSSP has the expert over the 43 Union Councils with the future expansion and dispersion. The main goal of the WSSP is to provide continuous clean drinking water and improve the solid waste management that has an effective drainage and sewerage system that renovates the wastewater treatment plant.

WHERE to pay WASA WSSP Bill:

WSSP provides multiple options and bank suggestions to their consumers.

1- At the head office of WASA WSSP.

2- Through your Debit or Credit (VISA, Master) card.

3- At the counter of any bank, i.e.;

ABL: Allied Bank Limited.

FWB: First Women Bank.

HBL: Habib Bank Limited.

MCB: Muslim Commercial Bank Limited.

NBP: National Bank of Pakistan.

MCB: Muslim Commercial Bank Limited.

NIB: National Investment Bank.

UBL: United Bank Limited.

Askari Bank Limited.

Note: All bank branches should be located within the municipal limit of WSSP.

4- In TCS branches.

5- Through Mobile Banking.

6- Through Internet Banking.

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