Top 7 Seater cars in Pakistan

Nowadays, 7-seater cars are the most favorite vehicles in this country. Because Pakistani people have a big families with more than seven members in this country, these families want a car with at least six to eight people capacities. So, the 7-seater vehicles are stylish, and they can carry seven people easily.

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Famous Top 7 Seater Cars in Pakistan

This article shows you different seven-seater cars that are most famous in Pakistan and also shows you their features to assist you in buying a suitable 7-seater vehicle in Pakistan.

1. Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is the famous 7-seater car in Pakistan and manufactured by Honda. This car is designed to carry the whole family also has excellent safety features easily.

 The ventilated and heated front seats of the Honda Odyssey can keep you comfortable in any weather. Honda Odyssey also embeds an amazing, heated steering wheel.

Honda Odyssey car has a powerful engine with different beautiful colors. It also has a High-end cabin material with advanced technology.

2. Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza is the best 7-seater car designed and produced by Daihatsu, but the famous Toyota company marketed it.

The overall look and design of Toyota Avanza are fantastic. It can easily carry 7 to 8 passengers at a time. Toyota Avanza seats are very comfortable and have more legroom. Toyota Avanza has a good fuel tank, and the fuel tank’s capacity is 50 liters above. This car has great safety features, including airbags and an immobilizer. In Pakistan Toyota, Avanza is readily available in different beautiful colors. Toyota Avanza has a keyless entry with a tachometer.

3. Honda Freed

Honda Freed

Honda Freed is the most popular 7-seater car. And this is manufactured by the well-known Japanese company Honda which has been manufacturing it since 2008. It has embedded a powerful 1496 cc engine.

This car has an amazing power door lock system and a power window and steering. The overall reputation of Honda Freed has excellent reputation because of its quality. Moreover, the Honda Freed can reach up to 180 kilometers per hour. It is also a fuel-efficient car. Honda Freed has a good fuel tank, and the fuel tank’s capacity is 36 liters above.

4. Toyota Corolla Fielder

Toyota Corolla Fielder

Toyota Corolla Fielder is the best and most affordable 7-seater car in Pakistan. Also, its amazing and attractive features make it one of the top choices of the people in this country. It has embedded a powerful 1496 cc engine with a great world-class safety feature. The Toyota Corolla Fielder has excellent fuel engine efficiency. Furthermore, it has an unmatched comfortability in the seven-seater car industry. Toyota Corolla Fielderhas a good fuel tank, and the fuel tank’s capacity is 36 liters above. It also has a spacious luggage area with world-class safety features.

5. Suzuki APV

Suzuki APV

Suzuki APV is a Japanese design manufactured in Indonesia. It is a type of minivan and was launched in 2005. Suzuki APV has an amazing feature that makes a 7-seater car ideal for people. It also has a powerful 1493 cc engine. Moreover, Suzuki APV has a comfortable car with a height-adjustable driver seat. It also has a powerful air conditioner system. Suzuki APV cars are available in all the major cities of Pakistan, and this is the most comfortable 7-seater car in Pakistan for the driver and the passengers.

6. FAW Sirius S80

FAW Sirius S80

FAW Sirius S80 is the most stylish and affordable 7-seater car in Pakistan. It embeds a 1497 cc DOHC 16 valve engine. The Al-Haj FAW Group of Motors launched Sirius S80 in Pakistan in 2013. Many people like this car because it is budget-friendly. 6 to 7 peoples easily sit in this car. This is because it has a powerful engine and a manual transmission vehicle.

FAW Sirius S80 has a good fuel tank, and the fuel tank’s capacity is 45 liters above. FAW Sirius S80 can reach speeds up to 180 kilometers per hour. This car is easily available in all the major cities of Pakistan.

7. Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V is a luxurious seven-seater car with high-tech driving aids. In Pakistan, Honda BR-V was launched in 2017. The most important feature of this car is that it has both diesel and petrol engines. Honda BR-V is also available in manual and automatic transmission. It also has a beautiful, automated climate control system. Honda BR-V has a powerful 1497 cc engine with a beautiful anti-lock braking system unique among Pakistan’s other 7 seater cars.

8. Honda Fit Shuttle

Honda Fit Shuttle

Honda Fit Shuttle is the most popular 7-seater car in Pakistan. It has a powerful 1.5-liter DOHC 16 valve inline 4 engine. Also, this car is powered by seven-speed transmission also comes in different variants like LX, EX, and EX-L variants. The amazing feature of the Honda Fit Shuttle

 is a hybrid rechargeable battery. Furthermore, the Honda Fit Shuttle has a satellite-linked navigation system. It also has a beautiful lane watch camera in this car. Honda Fit Shuttle has a good fuel tank, and the fuel tank’s capacity is 35 liters above.

9. Honda Crossroad

Honda Crossroad

Honda Crossroad is a famous Japanese seven-seater car. It has a powerful 1799 cc four-cylinder in line 16 valve engine. Honda Crossroad is manufactured by the world-famous Japanese company Honda. The overall design and shape of Honda Crossroad are attractive and charming.

Honda Crossroad 7-seater car has ventilated disc brakes. Also, the fuel capacity is great in this car. You can carry 55 liters. Honda Crossroad attains a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour. Honda Crossroad is readily available in all the major cities of Pakistan and has a front-wheel-drive type.

10. Toyota Prius Alpha

Toyota Prius Alpha

The Toyota Prius Alpha is the most famous 7 seaters car in Pakistan due to its safe drive features and comfort. Toyota Prius Alpha was launched in 2011 to provide you with excellent fuel efficiency. It also gives you an outstanding environmental performance. Also, there is a 1.8 liter inline 4 hybrid synergy engine in this car. In addition, it has a CVT automatic transmission gearbox.

Final Words

Pakistan has a great demand for a 7-seater car for over 22 million people, and Pakistan is an emerging market for these cars.

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