SSGC Duplicate Bill Online – Check & Download

If you want an SSGC Duplicate Bill, you need 10 figures Customer No, usually on the left side under the “Account Information.”

The SSGC stands for the Sui Southern Company can distribute natural gas in two southern provinces of Pakistan, example Sindh and Baluchistan.

To Check the Online SSGC Duplicate Bill

Suppose you are looking for the SSGC Duplicate Bill online, so you must come to the right place. And you can check your Sui Southern Gas Company bill. By only adding the 10-digit consumer number, you check your bill and can download and print the SSGC invoice from this website

Online SSGC Duplicate Bill

The Sui Southern Gas Company was the first company in Pakistan to introduce the latest online duplicate bill technology.

How to Check the SSGC bill Online?

For checking the SSGC current bill or the last month’s bill, the only thing you need to enter is the 10 digits SSGC consumer number that is mentioned on your previous bills.

Here show you a step to quickly generate the SSGC duplicate bill

  • First, you can visit the SSGC website
  • Then you can enter the 10-digit consumer number
  • And then, click on the Check Bill button, and you can see the bill information.
  • You can see the bill amount and the due date.

If you are not sure how to find out the Consumer Number so you can see the reference image below

SSGC Leading Gas Company

The SSGC introduced the online application for new SSGC connections. In addition, this company is engaged in the distribution and the delivery of natural gas to the southern regions of our country. This includes the cities of Sindh and Baluchistan. And they began from Baluchistan to the Sindh Karachi.

Online SSGC Duplicate Bill

Why do I need an SSGC Duplicate Bill?

If you lost your bill and did not receive it yet and today and it is the last submission date. So, you need a duplicate bill or a copy of the bill, and no need to worry about it. So, you calm down because it is straightforward to get the SSGC bill duplicate or the copy of the bill. So, you can install the SSGC BillApp on your Android and check your monthly bills. Also, you can easily download the bills.

How to Pay SSGC Bill Online?

Paying the SSGC Bill online has many options. So now, show you a convenient and hassle-free step, and you can prioritize accordingly. The online SSGC facilities in Karachi Nawabshah, Hyderabad, Quetta, Ochka, or anywhere else. While in a specific area, you cannot use these resources to pay bills from Pakistan.

  • Mobile banking Contact bank call centers … the Internet Combined Voice Response (IVR) GPO / NPO.
  • The Retail Stores.
  • Kiosks are rare.
  • Also, the Bank ATMs
  • Usage Mobile applications

such as Jazz Cash, EasyPaysa, etc., can be used. … Almost all banks offer billing services. About Sui Southern Gas Company: Another name for Sui Southern Gas Company in Pakistan is Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited.

SSGC Help Services

If you have any issue with the Sui Southern Das services, would you like to file your complaint? So, you can visit the head office. Alternatively, you can quickly contact me at the details below. Office address: ST4 / B Block 14, Sir Shah Sulaiman RD, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi Phone: 0092219902 1000 Email address: [email protected].

Is the online payment of SSGC safe? Yes, the SGC promoting system is safe and reliable. You do not need bills on hand. Make communications through an ATM, mobile phone, or online banking system. In addition, a receipt is delivered with an online transaction confirming the payment.

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