List of Top 10 Barrages in Pakistan

Pakistan is the best agricultural country that has the world’s largest irrigation system, which is called the Indus Basin Irrigation System.

In Pakistan, the flood method of irrigation that is used requires a considerable quantity of water. For these purposes, the barrages are very important in this country.

List of Barrages in Pakistan

This guide discusses the different barrages in Pakistan also its locations and capacity of these barrages that provide you lot of knowledge.

1. Sukkur Barrage

Sukkur Barrage is in Sindh. Also, it is called the Llyod Barrage. Sukkur Barrage is constructed on the Indus River. This Barrage was built during British rule between 1923 to 1932. The Sukkur Barrage is the largest irrigation system in the whole world. Also, it is the backbone of the economy of Pakistan. The Sukkur Barrage irrigates most of Sindh which can deed seven canals that make a total length of approximately 9,923 kilometers. Furthermore, the Sukkur Barrage irrigates 7.63 million acres of land which makes up more than 25 percent of the total irrigated land of Pakistan.

2. Kotri Barrage

The Kotri Barrage is situated in Jamshoro near the district of Hyderabad. The Kotri Barrage is also called a Ghulam Muhammad Barrage. This Barrage is also built on the Indus River. The overall construction of Kotri Barrage was completed in 1955, so it has a discharge capacity of 8,75000 cubic feet per second. The Kotri Barrage is long 1600 meters, and that has 44 gates. Each gate of Kotri Barrage is wide 18 feet. Furthermore, the Kotri Barrage feeds three canals Fuleli Canal, Pinyari Canal, and Kalari Baghar Canal. Also, Kotri Barrage irrigates almost the lower Sindh.

3. Jinnah Barrage

Jinnah Barrage is in Kalabagh in the Mianwali district of Punjab. Jinnah Barrage was constructed between 1939 to 1946.

The Jinnah Barrage has a Span of 1152 meters long and has a 42 spillway gate, and each gate is 18.2 meters wide. Moreover, the Jinnah Barrage discharge capacity is 950,000 cubic feet per second. Also, the Jinnah Barrage is part of the Thal Project that will irrigate vast land in the Sindh Sagar Doab region.

4. Taunsa Barrage

The Taunsa Barrage is in Dera Ghazi Khan in the district of Punjab. This Barrage is constructed on the Indus River. Also, this Barrage was constructed between 1952 to 1958, and it is 1325 meters long, and that can feed three canals.

It is a crucial barrage n the Indus river that around 6 million farmers that can irrigate their fields from this Barrage.

5. Guddu Barrage

Guddu Barrage is located in the Kashmore, and it is constructed on the Indus River. Guddu Barrage’s work was completed in 1962 and constructed on the Indus River. Also, the Guddu Barrage provides water to a wide area of Sindh and Balochistan for irrigation and drinking purposes. The Guddu Barrage is used to control the floods. Furthermore, this Barrage supplies water 2.8 million acres of land that can feed four canals Ghotki feeder, Rainee Feeder, Begari, and Phat feeders.

The Guddu Barrage has 64 gates that can be 18 feet long and has a span that is 1400 meters long. Also, the discharge capacity of this Barrage is 12 million cusecs.

6. Chashma Barrage

Chashma Barrage is in Mianwali in the district of Punjab. Also, its construction work was started in 1967 and ended in 1971.

The Chashma Barrage is constructed on the Indus River, and it is situated 56 kilometers downstream of the Jinnah Barrage. The Chashma Barrage has a span of 1084 meters long, and it has 52 gates, and each gate is 18.2 meters wide. Also, the discharge capacity of this Barrage is more than the Jinnah Barrage. Also, the Chashma Barrage has a Spillway capacity of 8,7-000 cubic feet per second, and it supplies water to CJ-Link Canal and Chashma Right Bank Canal.

7. Rasul Barrage

The Rasul Barrage is located between the Jhelum and Mandi Bahuddin districts of Punjab. It is constructed on the Jehlum river. Furthermore, this Barrage was first constructed in 1968. It is 975 meters long, and it has 17 gates, 17 meters wide. The discharge capacity of this Barrage is 24070 cubic feet per second, and this is located 72 kilometers downstream of Mangla Dam.

8. Marala Headworks

Marala Headworks is in Sialkot, and it is a district of Punjab. And it is constructed on the Chenab River, and this Barrage was first built in 1912. In 1968 a new barrage was constructed and named Marala Barrage, and it supplies water to the adjacent areas for irrigation purposes.

9. Qadirabad Headworks

Qadirabad Headworks is situated in the Mandi Bahauddin in the district of Punjab. It is constructed on the Ravi River to control the flow of water. This headworks supplies water to a large area for irrigation purposes, and it is one of the vital headworks of Pakistan.

10. Sidhnai Headworks

Sidhnai Headworks is situated on the Ravi River. And it is in the Khanewal district of Punjab province of Pakistan. The Sidhnai Headworks is 15 kilometers long from the confluence of the Ravi River into the Chenab River. Sidhnai Headworks is used to control the flow of the river, and that can provide water for irrigation purposes.

Final Words

This article discusses the top 10 barrages that are an integral part of an agricultural country, and all the water is controlled through these barrages. In this article, we have reviewed all the barrages in the provinces of Pakistan.

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