FESCO Duplicate Bill Online

Ecp.org.pk is the website where you can quickly check the FESCO duplicate bill Online. Only enter the reference number to quickly view the FESCO bill payable amount with the due date and address. You can put the reference number in the below text box, and you can quickly check out your current FESCO web bill online and get a copy of the duplicate bill.


To view the FESCO electricity bill for the domestic connections, residential, commercial, and industrial connections. So, you need a 14-digit reference number that you can enter in the input field above, and you will receive your FESCO invoice online.

Online Check the FESCO Bill

So, you must enter the reference number to see the FESCo duplicate bill, so if you want to know whether the invoice has been paid, you can quickly view your bill history. Before receiving the copy of the invoice and you should check the FESCO bill for the last month. Also, you can download an exact copy of the FESCO invoice, and in that case, the original bill is lost or not to received. So, you must also check your duplicate FESCO bill on all the devices if you have a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet.

About the FESCO

FESCO stands for the Faisalabad Electric Supplies Company. The FESCO supplies electricity to the 4.0 to 4.01 million consumers. And the population in the region of the FESCO is about 26 million.

The Districts in FESCO Ltd Faisalabad

1. Faisalabad

2. Sargodha

3. Mianwali

4. Khushab

5. Jhang

6. Bhakkar

7. Toba Tik Singh

8. Chinot

If you are a resident of any of the cities on this list or any other village/city controlled by those regions you are worried about, the user can get your duplicate WAPDA bill quickly.

How do you check the FESCO bill Online?

For checking the online FESCO bill by the giving reference number that can be located on any copy of your old invoice so you can follow the process:

  • So, you can visit the ecp.org.pk website.
  • Then you can enter the billing reference, which is based on 14-digits, and then click on the View and download the Bill Button.
  • You will see the bill amount, due date, reference number, and the Late surcharge on the next screen.
  • If you are looking for the complete duplicate copy, you will click and view the complete bill button.
  • The page of the total bill so you can easily print and download the invoice for FESCO services.

Where to find out the Reference Number of the FESCO Bill?

If you don’t know the reference number, you select an old copy of your bill, and then you can compare it to the image below. Also, it is in the upper left corner of your bill under Rates.

Also, the FESCO bill does not contain either a user number or an ID number. So, you can look at your user id or the reference number in the same way.

Fesco reference No

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