WASA Rawalpindi Duplicate Bill Online

WASA provides us a service of the water supply through the water tankers. The Punjab Gazette that can be published on 29th March 2021 and the rate of the water tanker for the domestic and the commercial are given below.

Suppose you can get a copy of the WASA Rawalpindi bill online, so you are in the right place. Also, it is stated that the bill should be paid on time, or you avoid the disconnection.

To check the online bill, you just enter the 8-digit consumer code to easily access your bill.

WASA Rawalpindi Duplicate Bill Online

WASA Rawalpindi functions

  • The distribution of the water supply
  • Also, the O&M of the Sewerage system
  • The Billing and the Revenue collection to easily gather the financial Self Sustainability.
  • The Unauthorized Connections.
  • Shor term and the long-term planning for searching the Additional water source and the implementation to easily meet the potential water supply and the Sewerage demand.

WHERE to pay WASA Bill:

You can pay your WASA bill via bank deposit, and there is no restriction from the bank; you can pay any of the banks listed below.

· National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).

· Habib Bank Limited (HBL).

· Allied Bank Limited (ABL).

· Bank of Punjab (BOP).

· Bank Alfalah Limited (Bank Alfalah).

· Bank Al Habib Limited (Bank Al Habib).

· Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL)

Also at the General Post Office (GPO).

WASA Rawalpindi has 2 primary services e.g.

1. Clean Water Suppliance in Rawalpindi City.

2. Rawalpindi’s wastewater must be carried out, cleaned, and eliminated all together.

If you want to achieve the above-stated two goals so you can follow these steps.

  • First is water Supply.
  • WASA ensures to supply the drinkable water continuously to the consumers.
  • You must ensure the quality of the water.
  • You can continuously try to increase the reserve of the water.
  • For the different media campaigns and the festivals that can educate the public about the importance of the water in our life.

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