Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands in Pakistan

Many different brands are working to provide you with high-quality hair colors. These hair colors include a high chemical that can easily change your hair color.

List of 10 Famous Hair Color Brands in Pakistan

This article shares your top 10 famous hair color brands easily available in Pakistan.

1. Olivia Hair Color

Olivia Hair Color

Olivia is the most popular cosmetic and beauty brand in Pakistan. This brand was established in 1982. And then they are providing a high-quality of products to all over Pakistan. So, Olivia is the best hair color brand in our country that provides you with a huge variety of hair color products. Olivia’s hair color has 40 different beautiful shades that make your hair shiny and strong with a natural look.

Furthermore, it is a semi-permanent and innovative hair color that preserves hair’s natural beauty. So you must try this hair color and enhance the beauty of your hair.

2. GARNIER Hair Color

GARNIER Hair Color

GARNIER Hair color is the favorite and popular hair color that can give you a natural and long-lasting shine. It is made with three nutritive ingredients olive, avocado, and karate, that give you smooth and deep nourishment to the hair. It is very easy to mix and apply to your hair to be soft and strong. Garnier is a USA brand and started t work in Pakistan in 2005. also, Garnier provides you with high-quality cosmetics products for women.

Furthermore, all the hair color products of Garnier are very famous in Pakistan due to their quality. It is an amazing hair color and is widely used in Pakistan. It is 18 different beautiful hair colors for women.

3. Black Rose Hair Color

Black Rose Hair Color

Black Rose Hair Color gives you an amazing instant result in just 5 minutes. The formula of Black Rose Hair Color is very rich, making your hair soft, nourishing, manageable, and healthy-looking. Furthermore, its rich and deep color gives you a natural look to the hair, and its advanced micro-pigments make your hair silky and strong, making your hair shiny and glowing. Black Rose Hair Color makes your hair beautiful and voluminous. Also, it has vitamins and a silicon conditioner that makes your hair shiny. And its coverage lasts up to 28 shampoos.

4. L’OREAL Paris Hair Color

L'OREAL Paris Hair Color

L’Oreal Paris is an amazing hair color, and this is an international hair color brand that gives you triple hair protection. L’Oreal Paris Hair color protects a person’s hair from inside and outside damage also makes your hair soft and silky. L’Oreal Paris has an ammonia-free hair color and has a pleasant fragrance. This is the first international brand that brought ammonia-free hair colors to the markets. It is a semi-permanent hair dye feature that gives you a natural look and makes your hair shiny and smooth. Furthermore, L’Oreal Paris hair color has coconut oil, making your hair stronger and more voluptuous.

5. REVLON Hair Color

REVLON Hair Color

REVLON Hair Color is a long-lasting hair color that gives you a natural look to the hair. REVLON is an Italian hair color brand. This hair color is enriched with keratin and silk amino acid. This hair color is free from ammonia and gives you a semi-permanent hair color to the hair. This hair color gives you a great condition before coloration. After applying this hair color, your hair is shinier and healthier. Furthermore, Revlon Hair Color makes your hair smooth, shiny, and glossy, and it lasts for a maximum time, and your hair will also be voluminous after using this hair color.

6. CLAIROL Hair Color

CLAIROL Hair Color

Clairol hair color works fast and more precisely than other hair colors. This hair color gives you a permanent color to your hair, and this hair color lasts up to eight weeks. Clairol hair color lasts up to eight weeks, and it is very easy to use, and this hair color gives you amazing hair color in just 10 minutes. Clairol instantly gives you a natural look, and it is perfect hair to make them shiny and soft. This hair color has an amazing ingredient to make your hair healthy and strong.


LESTON Hair Color

Wella Koleston is an amazing hair color and the most famous brand in hair color that can enhance the natural look of hair. It is an ammonia-free hair color that can create a vibrant look to a person’s hair. Wella Koleston’s hair color gives you great moisture and intense and voluminous color. This hair color has brought a new floral fragrance to the markets of Pakistan that make the texture of your hair better, strong, shiny, and glossy.

8. Vatika Henna Hair Color

Vatika Henna Hair Color

Vatika Henna Hair Color is a great hair color that gives you a natural and long-lasting result and strengthens your hair. It also provides you a natural shine to the hair if your regular use of this hair color gives a natural look. Vatika hair color is made with natural and herbal ingredients that make your hair healthy and strong. This hair color lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

9. KEUNE Hair Color

KEUNE Hair Color

The Keune Hair Color is popular in Pakistan. It gives you extra protection against UV radiation. This is the best hair color brand that can beat all other hair colors available. This hair color is made of oxidative and nonoxidative pigments. Nonoxidative pigments are larger than the oxidative that you can easily be washed out.

After applying the hair color, it gives you a silky and soft shine to the hair. Also, this hair color does not produce staining on the scalp, and it is ammonia-free hair color. You can easily apply it to your hair. Also, this hair color protects the structure of the hair and guarantees maximum color stability. The fragrance of Keune Hair color is great.

10. DUPAS Hair Color

DUPAS Hair Color

Dupas is an international Hair Color Brand also it is very famous in Pakistan. Dupas hair color provides you with a high quality of hair colors for women. It also includes an Aloe Vera and Corn Oil extract that can neutralize the chemical effects. The Dupas hair color has 65 different beautiful shades.

Final words

In Pakistan, different hair colors are easily available, and these hair colors have different prices and functions. The best hair colors are ammonia-free hair colors that can maintain your natural hair look, and they must give shine to a person’s hair. So, you can easily buy the best hair color in Pakistan by analyzing the points of the best color brand that we have already mentioned above.

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