TESCO Duplicate Bill Online

TESCO stands for Tribe Areas Electric Supply Company. This is an acronym for the Tribe Areas Electric Supply Company. TESCO is a company that gives you energy to the tribal areas. Also, TESCO increases the customer service, which can offer various amenities to its consumers. Also, the most valuable services are the online billing and your power bills that can be viewed that paid online.

You can check, Download and Print the TESCO online Bill.

You can quickly check, download, and print the TESCO online bill, so you don’t need to go to the bank and worry about your credit card. Also, don’t worry about the post office. So, all of your concerns and the bill payments will be handled solely through your mobile phones and the one crucial piece of the information known as the consumer reference number.

Reference Number

To verify the TESCO Bill Online, that will be a 14-digit number inscribed in a box on the bill, usually near the top corner if you are looking and having trouble locating your bill’s reference number so you can contact us.

Tesco Dublicate Bill Online

How can you check the TESCO online Bill?

The customer can take advantage of TESCO’s reward programs, customer support systems, complaint systems, and online billing.

The best system for their customers is the online billing system so that you can double-check your bill’s statement. So, in the reference field so you can type the reference number.

So, you can submit the form by clicking the submit button, and your bill will appear on your screen so you can save and download your bill.

Areas Facilitated by TESCO

TESCO is a Peshawar-based electric supply company (standard agency) that provides energy to tribal and FATA areas, including the following cities:

  • Bajaur Agency
  • Miran Shah
  • Parachinar
  • Wana
  • Razmak
  • Sadda
  • Lower Dir
  • Landi Kotal
  • Mir Ali Mirali
  • Jandola
  • Ladha
  • Makin
  • And much more, just like a lotus.

TESCO Online Bill Payment

If you are busy and do not have time to visit any bank or the Pakistan post office, the TESCO bill payment and the online method are available.

· Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

· National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

· Meezan Bank

· Allied Bank Limited (ABL)

· United Bank Limited (UBL)

· Bank Alfalah

· Bank Al Habib Limited

How to reduce TESCO Electricity Bills?

Suppose you are facing the problems related to the Wapda bills so you can reduce the usage of the electricity. Also, another method is to use cardinal appliances in Off-peak time, such as the WASHER iron and the DRYER, etc.

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