PTA Mobile Registration for Your New Phone in Pakistan

If you want to buy PTA-approved smartphones that have become a standard order to avoid buying and selling stolen, smuggled phones or counterfeit devices. So now you must buy a new phone from abroad, and you need to get its verification done so you can easily do so with the PTA mobile registration method mentioned below. Furthermore, you want to find the tax on mobile in Pakistan with a PTA mobile tax list, so you know how you must pay.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued a straightforward way to get your mobile phone registered with the PTA for everyone living in Pakistan. So, the PTA mobile registration process has become critical. The users must get their mobile devices’ IMEI registered from PTA and the CMOS. Now you can quickly get your online PTA mobile registration done easily.

PTA mobile registration

The Pakistan Telecommunication authority requires every Pakistani mobile phone holder to easily get their mobile verification done to register their mobile devices through several Mobile companies in Pakistan, such as Ufone, Jazz, Warid, and Zong.

If you are not known how to register your mobile with PTA or want to learn how much the FBR mobile tax so in, this article shows you all the details and methods with which you can easily register your devices with PTA online. Find the mobile registration fee in Pakistan.

Now showing you a PTA mobile Tax list in dollars and rupees.

Mobile Phone Price in DollarsPTA Tax List Price in Pakistan
30$ – 100$Rs. 2,940
100$ -200$Rs. 4,510
200$ – 350$Rs. 6,180
350$ – 500$Rs. 17,650
More than 500$Rs. 31,520

PTA Mobile Registration and PTA Approved Check Method

You can buy your mobile phone approved by the PTA registration to avoid your SIM being blocked by the following either of these ways for PTA and IMEI registration, and you can verify with the PTA mobile registration check. Also below show you a PTA mobile registration check and PTA-approved check methods.

 How can I register my mobile with PTA?

If you want to get the PTA-approved phones in Pakistan and you must purchase a phone from abroad, and you want to get the verification done so you can find your phone IMEI and get the PTA verification done from the PTA website. You can easily register by dialing *8484#.

PTA Mobile Registration from Mobile for Free

The PTA mobile registration fee is free, so you need to pay the tax on your mobile according to the price. If you are wondering how to register the IMEI number in PTA for free, you must register your mobile with PTA in these three ways.

PTA Phone Registration Through SMS Method

  • Firstly, you can check your IMEI phone’s number from the box of your mobile phone.
  • Then you can press 1 to register your mobile devices easily.
  • Then you can enter the CNIC number and IMEI number to *8484#.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation from the PTA whether your phone registration has been approved or not.
  • If your mobile phone device is stolen against the phone’s IMEI, your phone might get blocked.

Online PTA Free Mobile Registration 

  • You can register your phone with PTA for free by visiting the official website and then you can fill out the login form with all the details.
  • So, if you don’t have your account, you can sign up and then register for your phone.
  • After completing the full details, you will get a confirmation link with which you can log in.

PTA Mobile Registration from PTA Mobile Phone App

This is the third method to quickly get the verification by downloading the DIRBS App, the Official DIRB by PTA, and you can follow the complete instructions mentioned above.

 PTA Mobile Registration from Overseas

If you are not in Pakistan and you want to keep your phone registered from PTA, so you must be wondering how to get PTA Mobile Registration overseas for free, you can simply follow the complete process for PTA mobile registration for all the overseas citizens

  • First, you can Dial *8484# from your mobile phone
  • Then you can press 1 to register your mobile device.
  • Then you can reply 2
  • Also, enter the IMEI number and the Passport number/CNIC.
  • Then you can reply with 1 to quickly complete the registration request. So, your request will be submitted to PTA.

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