How you can check Warid Balance

Today, Pakistan has many different local networks, and everyone chooses their favorite network that depends only on their services. Every mobile service has its services and policies to give the users a great experience.

Warid is the most popular telecom company in Pakistan. So the Warid was founded in 2004 and had its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and UAE. So now Mobilink and Warid officially merged under the brand name Jazz. So due to the merger, now Jazz has become the most prominent and local telecom brand in the country. So, it has over 50 million subscribers who swear by its service quality.

So, the warid user is most confused about how to go about your warid balance check? So, this article shows you how you can check the warid balance.

Warid Balance Check Code

Warid Balance Check Code

For checking the Warid balance, you need a correct USSD code. The Warid balance check code is *100#. When you dial the warid balance check code from your warid sim, the balance will display on your mobile phone screen. For this inquiry, the charges are 0.20 plus tax. So, the USSD code will work only for the Warid customers and the Warid prepaid customers.

Additional Info on Warid Balance Check

  • Every Warid Prepaid user can use this USSD code irrespective of the package they have signed upon.
  • All the prices mentioned are all without taxes. Also, all the transactions include the standard taxes.
  • All the users should know, and all the codes are subject to change by the Warid.
  • All the Warid terms and conditions apply to all the packages and policies.

How to check Warid Balance for Postpaid

All the Warid customers can quickly check their bill through a code by choosing to receive it via email.

So you can just dial the Warid postpaid balance check code and then type “B,” then send it to the number 321. And then you will receive your postpaid bill on the phone free of cost.

You can quickly check your postpaid bill through email by just typing the Ebill<space>D<space><email address>, and then you can send it to the 129. You will receive your bill and the invoice details in your email in just 2+ tax rupees.

Further, if you want to receive the complete details of your outgoing calls along with your e-bill via email, then you can type Ebill<space>D<space><email address>, and then you can send it to the 129. You will receive your bill and the invoice details in your email in just 2+ tax rupees.

Further, if you want an e-bill with complete information on the outgoing and incoming call details, then you can type Ebill <space>AIO<space><email address> and send it to 129 in just 50+ tax rupees.

Warid Balance Share Code

If you find yourself short of enough warid balance, you can always go for the Warid-to-Warid balance to share the options.

  • You can use your phone to dial *100*number*amount#.
  • Then you will get a response pop-up message, and then you can reply with 1.
  • For this service, the charge is 4.76 rupees.

So both the Jazz and Warid prepaid customers can use this service to share the warid balance with another number easily.

Check Balance of Warid Internet Package

If you want to check the Warid internet packages and you need to check the status and remaining MBs, so you just dial the warid MB check code for that package.

Now showing you complete inquiring detail of the Warid internet MBs on mobile for a particular internet package:

PackageDial Code
Daily Warid Internet***114*14*2#
Warid Daily Browser***117*11*2#
Warid Hourly Extreme***117*24*2#
Warid Weekly Extreme Internet Package***117*14*2#
Warid Monthly Browser Internet Package***117*14*2#
Warid Postpaid Monthly Streamer Internet Offer*443*2#
Warid 3G/4G Data Add-On 1*443*2#

After dialing the code to check your remaining internet status, the service will send you a message within seconds, updating you on your internet package status.

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