How to Open Easypaisa Account

This article shows you step-by-step instructions if you want to learn about the Easypaisa Account Online.

We all live in an age of digitization where we see progress in technology every year. Many facilities and services are introduced online that allow us to save our time and get things done from the comfort of our homes. Easypaisa is among those facilities that have made our living life easy is introduced by the easy online money that is transferred and payments through Easypaisa account.

The Easypaisa in Pakistan is well known, and this is the first mobile banking platform operating since 2009, with 100,000 outlets across the country. Its works with all the major networks in Pakistan.

Furthermore, you want to pay the bills online or transfer cash to anyone. Also, if you want to recharge your mobile balance and make an international transfer with the Easypaisa, you can do all of these things by using your smartphone.

Easypaisa charges are significantly less than the typical online banking and enable people to adopt a digital way of life. The Easypaisa empowers the less-privileged masses, providing them with convenience and reliability.

How to open an Easypaisa account

How to open an Easypaisa Account?

  • You are creating an Easypaisa account so download the Easypaisa app for Android or iOS.
  • You can enter the Mobile number, CNIC, and the date of issuance of CNIC.
  • Then you can select your city and then create a 5-digit pin code for Easypaisa account confirmation.
  • Also, create and re-enter your PIN code then the Easypaisa account has been registered.

Without installing the EasyPaisa app and you want to sign up, you can even opt to sign up for the Easypaisa account directly by using your mobile phone.

How to Open an EasyPaisa Account on Telenor Sim?

  • You want to open the EasyPaisa account on Telenor so you can Dial*786# from your phone.
  • Then you will create a new PIN code.
  • Then you can Re-enter your five-digit PIN code.
  • After that, your EasyPaisa account will be activated
  • Then you can avail all the Easypaisa services by visiting the Easypaisa Retailer.

For Non-Telenor Users

  • Now you can type EP(Space) CNIC Number and SMS it to 0345-1113737.
  • Then you will get a call from an Easypaisa representative who will walk you through the registration process. After that, you can do all the necessary verification for your account.
  • If you want to activate your account and use the services, you will need a PIN code to verify every time.
  • Availing of the services so you can simply send an SMS to 0345-1113737.

Depositing Money in Your EasyPaisa Account

Suppose you can deposit money in your Easypaisa account without any trouble, so the Easypaisa charges are free when it comes to depositing money. So, you visit the Easypaisa retail shop or a Telenor franchise where you use your master’s or a visa card from any bank in Pakistan to deposit the money in your Easypaisa account. Here show you a complete step to Deposit the Money in Easypaisa account through Bank.

How to Deposit Money in Easypaisa Account Through Bank?

  • To deposit the money in the Easypaisa account, you can open your Bank online portal.
  • After that, you can add yourself as a beneficiary that gives you all the Easypaisa account details.
  • Then you can select the Telenor Microfinance Bank as the beneficiary bank.
  • Enter the Easypaisa account number. The account number will be your mobile number.
  • Then the system will fetch all the details. After that, you can click on the submit to complete the process.
  • You can deposit the money in the Easypaisa account with your bank account.

Easypaisa is the best way to pay for online shopping and transfer money. You can quickly pay your utility bills and manage all the financial transactions, so you can now sign up for your Easypaisa account!

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