How to Get EasyPaisa Digital Loan?

EasyPaisa launches a loan service for EasyPaisa Customers. It Launches you a digital Loan service for its customers. Easy Paisa Loan Service Launches the best digital loan service that can facilitate you for the millions of unbanked residents of the country. EasyPaisa loan service is the most convenient loan service, and you can get easy avail of the Loan in the shortest possible time. The loan service provides you a small, short-term credit to all the people who do not have a formal financial record.

EasyPaisa Digital Loan

EasyPaisa Digital Loan Service

EasyPaisa Loan service is also called a Personal Loan Service that will help it subscribe to quickly get a short-term loan for nearly 7,14 and 30 days. Also, in the EasyPaisa Loan service, that will be straightly deposited to the EasyPaisa mobile account of the user.

The overall process of the accruing EasyPaisa Loan is hardly required in just five minutes.

Who can Avail EasyPaisa Digital Loan?

  • EasyPaisa Mobile account users
  • Telenor customers.

Eligibility criteria for EasyPaisa Digital Loan?

The EasyPaisa Digital Loan is not for everyone and does not easily grant the Loan to everyone who applies. The company only approves the application for those who have frequently used the Telenor credit and used an EasyPaisa mobile account over the 90 days.

How can you get the EasyPaisa Loan?

  • First, you can install the EasyPaisa Loan, and then you can register yourself for the EasyPaisa Loan by just dialing *786#, and then you can provide the CNIC number.
  • For only Telenor subscribers, you can get the loan amount by dialing *786*7#, and then you can dial 1 and provide you an EasyPaisa account PIN.
  • After completing the registration, you can select the loan amount and the time of paying the Loan back and click on the send button.
  • After accepting the terms and conditions by replying with the 1.
  • Now you can select the Marital status and your source of Income.
  • Now you can provide your CNIC number and father’s name.
  • Then you can enter the EasyPaisa PIN and then click on the send.
  • After the approval, you can quickly get the confirmation SMS, and the Loan will be transferred into your EasyPaisa account.

EasyPaisa Loan Amount

Customers of EasyPaisa can quickly get the minimum Loan of 1050 rupees, and the maximum Loan is 10,000 under the EasyPaisa Loan Service.

Interest Rate of the EasyPaisa Digital Loan

If you can get the Loan and this is up to 30 days, the extra charges over the loan amount range are 10 to 20 percent for 30 days.

If you can not pay them on time, a 2.5 to 5 percent extra penalty is applied on the remaining amount.

How to repay the Loan?

The loan amount will automatically be deducted from the Easypaisa mobile account, and you can quickly Payback before time by going to the EasyPaisa Loan menu by dialing the *786*7*2#.

For further information, you can dial 3737, and you can easily visit the EasyPaisa Official website.

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