Check GEPCO Online Duplicate Bill

You want to check your current bill and print your GESCO bill, so you need a 14 digits Reference number from your previous electricity bill and, after a few minutes, the copy of the bill in your hands.


GEPCO WhatsApp Group for Addressing Customer Problems

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has an important initiative that the Ministry of Energy has taken. So, the GEPCO launched a new complaint Redressal System for the instant resolution of the consumer electricity related to the quires and the problems.

All 4 million GEPCO customers are being added to the Whatsapp group.

Suppose you have not received the electricity bill and there is no tension. Also, after the Pandemic of Corona, you need to visit the GEPCO office to assemble the duplicate bill quickly. Also, you can deposit your bill through online banking, and you just need to activate the online phone banking.

The GEPCO stands for Gujranwala Electricity Power Company, which was established in 1977 in the area of the Electricity Board Gujranwala under the umbrella of the WAPDA. In 1998 it was converted into the distribution Company GEPCO under the administrative control of the Pakistan Electric Power Company PEPCO.

Also, the GEPCO’s service area is approximately 7,206 Sq. Km had 3.909 million consumers on 31 May 2021.

 The sanctioned workforce of GEPCO is 17501.

It has 60 grid stations, 59 of that are 132 KV, and one is 66 KV.

Half of the city’s population, Gujranwala is very busy with cooking and half eating. All of the residents are worried about having lunch at the breakfast table and dinner at lunch.

Also, with a population of 4 million, Punjab city is very famous for its wrestling skills and has a unique place to eat and drink. It is very commonly known that the Gujranwala never compromises the quality and the quantity of the food.

Gujranwala is very famous for its industries. Also, it is the highest tax-paying city in Punjab.

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